Ukuleles. The world needs them now more than ever and we’re here to help with a little bit of ukulele happiness, Guelph-style! 

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Festival Director - Cynthia Kinnunen

Cynthia Kinnunen is a music educator who has a passion for ukulele and its ability to create happiness in the hands of so many people. Cynthia and her hardworking volunteer committee are excited to bring this festival to life again for the third awesome year. Three cheers for ukuleles and for our awesome organizing team! www.cynthiakmusic.com



Jenn Hummitzsch-Handley 

Fred Cousineau

Robert Cutting

Ben Coulson

Lorelei Girouard

Genus: Girouard

Species: Lorelei​


Although often found in an office environment, the Lorelei is most likely to show her true nature around a campfire in a wilderness setting. Habits of the Lorelei include playing ukulele and displaying sloth like behaviour with friends and relations. You can spot this species wherever Uke Fests are found. 


Charlene LeBlanc


Charlene "Chuck" LeBlanc is the co-owner of Guelph's indoor axe throwing establishment, Riot Axe. In her spare time, Chuck loves hiking, wood burning, attending concerts, whipping up vegan dishes, and hanging out with her pets and hubby ... and playing ukulele of course!

IG: @chucky667